Oxidised Asphalt is a solid or semi-black solid material and gradually liquid when heated, oxidised asphalt is predominant content bitumen, asphalten , malten (oils) and aromatic resins. The oxidised asphalt or blown asphalt is producing in different softening point and penetration like as 115/15 90/40 85/25 85/25 90/15 95/25 75/25 150/5 105/30
Oxidised bitumen is a specially formulated plastic for construction. Oxidised bitumen characterized by being a product of great thermal amplitude. Oxidised bitumen has flexibility to cold, has no sag at high temperatures and has good adhesion. It can be applied in any kind of work. Oxidised bitumen is available in different grade as 115/15 90/40 85/25 85/25 90/15 95/25 75/25 150/5 105/30
Blown Bitumen is industrial bitumen which is dark, petroleum residue modified by the oxidation process. Blown Bitumen is produced by passing air through bitumen under controlled temperature conditions. Its consistency ranges from highly viscous to solid.Blown bitumen grade has technical advantages such as durability, flexibility, water resistant and chemical stability. There is different grade of blown bitumen as 115/15 90/40 85/25 85/25 90/15 95/25 75/25 150/5 105/30
blown asphalt

Oxidised Asphalt

mineral asphalt

Oxidised Bitumen

mineral bitumen

Blown Bitumen

Blown asphalt blown asphalt

ATDM CO LTD is highly qualified in production and export of blown asphalt membrane sheet pipe coats and other bituminous manufacturing and skilled professional which ensures that the quality as per of ATDM standard. Our ATDM team of quality controllers works diligently to make sure that the products are free from any defect and are able to stand up to the expectations of the clients.

What Is blown asphalt?

Bitumens used in a wide variety of 'industrial' applications including roofing,flooring, pipe-coating etc.They are produced by passing air through ...

Blown bitumen company is producer of blown bitumen 150/5 115/15 105/35 95/25 90/40 90/10 90/15 85/25 85/40 85/25 75/25 in plastic bag and craft bag.

We are international manufacturer and supplier of blown bitumen products for the isolation, insulation, roofing, building and civil engineering sectors. ATDM is a dynamic and multi-faceted limited company based in Iran and active in market of Turkey, Korea, Italy, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Argentina, Singapore, India, China, Korea, South Africa, Chili, Peru, Spain, Monaco, UAE and Hong Kong actively involved in manufacturing procurement distribution and export of various grades of blown bitumen. We are structured into focused on oxidization of Bitumen division to serve the different needs of our customers worldwide.

We have a long history of supplying blown bitumen to bitumen factories, asphalt companies, roof insulation companies and membrane sheet manufactures. We are providing Blown Asphalt in various grades including BITUMEN 150/5 115/15 105/35 95/25 90/40 90/10 90/15 85/25 85/40 85/25 75/25 hard bitumen or hot liquid in bulk. blown asphalt is our specialist and production of any other customized grades of blown bitumen is possible according to order.
Throughout the world, more than 10 types of bitumen that is produced depend on the type of weather conditions one of them is blown asphalt.
blown asphalt grades are suitable for sealing saw cuts and joints where there is expected to be the minimum amount of moving in the joint. Their wide temperature range prevents bleeding in high temperature applications. blown asphalt can also be used in industrial applications like roofing, flooring, mastics, pipe coatings, electrical applications.

blown bitumen R 150/5 115/15 105/35 95/25 90/40 90/10 90/15 85/25 85/40 85/25 75/25 which is manufactured at ATDM factory is grade of oxidizing Bitumen by hot air and has high softening point and low penetration.
The blown asphalt could be packed in plastic bag also craft bag also in drum and possible to deliver hot in bulk tanker.

When the oxidation of bitumen occurs in the presence of catalytic agents , the process is called catalytic oxidation . By the action of catalysts the reaction rate is changed, allowing the oxidation process is faster and more homogeneous throughout the bulk form , in addition to allowing greater process control and final product with different penetration like 115/15 which is 115 is softening point and 15 is penetration.

Depending on the purpose for which it is the oxidized asphalts may also receive different types of polymer additives, in order to increase its plasticity, stickiness, resistance to weathering and oxidation.

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