1. Identification of Substance and Supplier:

Substance / preparation: blown asphalt.
Uses: oxidised asphalt product for roofing, building, insulation, infrastructure construction, industrial and civil engineering materials and processes.

Avizheh Technology and Development of Middle East.
Address: No.1106, 11th floor,Sarvesaei tower, Valiasr St.,Tehran-Iran.
Postal code: 1433894648
Tel: 0098-21-88103560-1
Web: www.oxidizedbitumen.com
Email: info@blownbitumen.com

Date of revision: March.20.,2014

2. Composition / Information on Ingredients: A blend of components derived from crude petroleum oil. Oxidized (Blown) Bitumen is produced by either a staggered or a continuous blowing process. The product contains no dangerous substances according to EC Directive 67/548/EEC and fur- ther modifications and adaptations pointed out in this publication.

3. Hazardous Identification:

• Inhalation: of vapour or mist can cause headache, nausea, irritation of nose and lungs.
• Eye Contact: with material can cause slight irritation.
• Prolonged or repeated skin contact: can cause slight skin irritation.
• Contact with hot material: can cause thermal burns which may result in permanent skin damage. Hot product may cause severe eye burns and/or blindness.
• Safety Hazards: Not classified as flammable. Contact of hot material with water will result in vio- lent expansion and splashing or boil-over may occur.
• Environmental Hazards: Not classified as dangerous for the environment.

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