Kish island twin tower

Kish Twin Towers is the newest residential project located on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, Iran. They are 2- 24 Stormy Towers located on the beautiful shorelines of Persian Gulf. They are the tallest and most luxuries properties on the Island. The very unique architectural design stands-out as one of the most interesting buildings in Kish.

Project details
Location: Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran
Total land area:15000 m2 
Landscaping are: 12000 m2
Total buildup: 72920 m2 
Number of Towers:2 towers, 3 wings each
Number of stories: 24 stories
Skeleton type: Reinforced Concrete
Siding Type: Aluminum composite panels and glass
Available Unit square meters: 60 m2, 90 m2, 115 m2, 145 m2, 220 m2, 440 m2

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