blown bitumen price

blown bitumen price is depending on packing, grade and season of order. Normally blown asphalt producing from bitumen 60/70 and the raw material is vacuum bottom which the price controlling by National Iranian oil company. Depend on demand on market, devaluation of currency and interest rate government adjusting the raw material price for domestic and export.

We are browning VB to convert to bitumen 60/70 and then browning bitumen 60/70 to reach to desire grade. Depend on forecast on each country the order is different. In hot countries normally buyer needs blown asphalt 115/15 and above softening point like 150/5 but in Mediterranean countries they are order oxidised bitumen between 75 to 95 like as blown bitumen 75/25 ,oxidized asphalt 85/25 and 90/40 also 95/25.


Some Iranian companies offering blown asphalt with the same grade and quality along with specification and packing but which factors really can affect on price when most conditions are the same! Please take care to buy from whom and do not focus just on price since some of supplier buying pure blown asphalt from our company in bulk and then adding some fuel oil and carbonate calcium to bring done the price. As mention on above we are using bitumen 60/70 to make blown asphalt so if price of blown asphalt is less than bitumen 60/70 do not believe to the product. This product is not melting on time also it is too heavy. Maybe you this about SGS inspection! SGS takes samples from door of container and certificate is based on the sample results. Buyers which purchase the lower price of blown asphalt in drums or bags are finally looser.